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I have helped many people on line. Below are the comments from a few of them.

Janet Elaine Smith
I admit it; I'm a chicken. When it comes to messing with the computer, it scares me spitless. We have a really good computer repairman here, but when he is booked up and I'm at wit's end with magazine deadlines, editing jobs, marketing assignments and a few dozen other things, I know that Ron is just a phone call away and he will help me get it up and running. He has not only saved me lots of dollars, he has helped me earn a few bucks by getting assignments in on time. He knows his stuff, and he can even make it simple enough for a "technically challenged" (my kids' description of me!) idiot like me to understand.
- Janet Elaine Smith, author of 17 published books, marketing expert, editor, other things ad nauseum
Billie A. Williams
Ron is a knowledgeable and super teacher. He walks you through computer problems even if you know nothing about computers - I never thought I would have the courage to tackle any kind of computer problem - he gave me confidence and direction so that I could. He is a lighthouse on a stormy sea - a rainbow in gloomy sky. Thank you Ron for your knowledge and your painless instruction.
Billie A Williams
Syvia K. Hamilton aka Pee Wee
I have a mental block when it comes to computers and using them. They totally intimidate me.
Ron has helped me correct several problems and given me confidence to do it. His computer book is user friendly and one everyone should have. It begins with the basics and keeps on going. Talk about being in demand! This guy is. Thanks a million Ron, for all your help.
Pee Wee

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